What is a barter faire?

It's a difficult question to answer. A barter faire can mean different things to different people. A barter faire (or fair) is a communal experience. It is a peaceful gathering of people coming together to share the fire and their wares and trade with each other. Some are more like flea markets, some are more like villages. A barter faire is a time to get back to nature, camp out with friends, and experience the best of the barter system. The first time I went to a barter faire I felt like it was a counter culture revival; a simple and peaceful gathering of all kinds of people. There's lots to see, and people of all sizes, ages, races, and walks of life to meet. Bring an open mind, something to trade, and a kind spirit. A barter faire will give you a taste of a communal, peaceful, and possibly revolutionary lifestyle that you may not find elsewhere.

What is a barter faire to you? Here's some definitions:

My definition of a barter fair is: a BE-IN. Time has passed but our tribal gatherings are still the thing. I've been in many drum circles in my life which to me are the heart of the family gathering. My first job at a fair was in Eugene in the 70s at the Eugene ren fest doing parking and security. Back then the gatherings were quite small and intimate. The spirit is still here though...you just have to listen to the beat in the wind...

A barter faire was created to keep us sane. Its the one place you can go back to your roots for a relaxing, peaceful weekend. Not to mention a place to meet new friends and realize what a small world we live in..

A barter fair is a place to connect, with old and new.

A barter fair is our place where we can be free-sprited and carefree. It is also a great place to open your mind, body and spirit and be one with nature.
—mini chris

A barter fair is a place where you can get something made by hand with heart and soul and sweat, not cheep plastic imported crap made with blood, sweat and tears. A barter fair is a place you can barter and not buy.

What does a barter faire mean to you? E-mail your definition to megan@barterfaire.org.

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